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Invanko Super Gripper App – Resistance Calculator

Drew Baye had a great idea for an app to be able to calculate the resistance on an Ivanko Super Gripper. He had the data and I created a simple app:¬†Invanko Super Gripper App Invanko Super Gripper App       The calculator allows you to quickly and easily determine the spring configuration required for Read more about Invanko Super Gripper App – Resistance Calculator[…]

New App: Leaky Faucet Drip Calculator by Tapping

Leaky Faucet Drip Calculator¬†– Tap to determine water waste, location-based sponsorship/advertising (Android version) Check out a recent app we developed – the Leaky Faucet Drip Calculator will help you determine water waste from a drippy faucet. Tap on the app with each drop and the app will tell you the water wasted per day, month Read more about New App: Leaky Faucet Drip Calculator by Tapping[…]

Fit4Today – Fitness App

No In-App Purchases – one price you get it. A simple tool to track your 400 rep workout. Randomly generated 4-move workout. 10 reps, 10 times. 400 reps. Great for a quick, at-home workout. A variation of the deck-of-cards workout but with out the variation of 2, 3, 4 reps – it’s all 10 reps. Read more about Fit4Today – Fitness App[…]

Launch Action Feature – Todo4Today iOS App

Todo4Today‘s new Launch Action feature allows you to set an action for the reminder time of the item. The four options are Call Text Email URL Once you have the app and purchase the Launch feature (Settings>Additional Features), you can add an Action to a given todo item. For calls, text and email, you can Read more about Launch Action Feature – Todo4Today iOS App[…]

Todo List Item via Email – Todo4Today iOS App

Todo4Today‘s new email feature let’s you send an email to create a todo item in your todo list. Once you have the app and purchase the Email feature (Settings>Additional Features), you can email using these guidelines: Email Address For Time: For todo’s without a time, just send to If you want a reminder Read more about Todo List Item via Email – Todo4Today iOS App[…]

OrderGuide App – Inventory By Touch

OrderGuide Inventory app on the App Store Anyone or any employee can run inventory now (iPhone/iPod/iPad)! Add your inventory items and the order criteria and anyone can walk thru the shop and take inventory! Synced with iCloud so all your devices have the same data. Start inventory on one device, finish with another! Distributors: Order Read more about OrderGuide App – Inventory By Touch[…]

ToDo4Today – Virtual Assistant

New features: – Todo via Email: Add emails by sending email! – Launch Action: Launch Call, Email, Text or URL from your todo and as part of the reminder! Today’s ToDos – create new events (including reminders) and import today’s events from your calendar – sync with iCloud across devices. Feel the satisfaction when you Read more about ToDo4Today – Virtual Assistant[…]

Pray It Forward

A great way to lift others up in prayer and request the same! You can submit prayer requests and pray for others – though you may never meet them this side of Heaven. When you’re prayer is answered, you can view your requests and update them. You can also look at prayer requests you’ve prayed Read more about Pray It Forward[…]