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Fit4Today – Fitness App

No In-App Purchases – one price you get it. A simple tool to track your 400 rep workout.

Randomly generated 4-move workout. 10 reps, 10 times. 400 reps. Great for a quick, at-home workout.

A variation of the deck-of-cards workout but with out the variation of 2, 3, 4 reps – it’s all 10 reps.

One more tool in your fitness tool-belt… and probably one of the cheapest ones. 🙂

It doesn’t teach you the (basic) moves, but provides some variations and ability to search for variations and form.

This is just a tool to help you monitor your workout and does not intend to train, teach or instruct. Check with your physician before starting any fitness program. Use of this app implies agreement to no responsibility or liability for this app or Brainwash Inc. Workout responsibility.