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TipJar: iPhone app to manage your tips income

Manage your tips where you are – not when you get back to a computer. Enter, chart and export the data!

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TipJar lets you track your tips by entering a location (e.g., name, location, contact person, address, etc.), date, base pay, tips and some other description fields.

You can create the location using your contact already in your iPhone/iPod – TipJar fills in the rest: phone number, email, etc.

Reuse the same location whenever you work at there (no need to re-enter all those details).

TipJar also charts (turn landscape) the data for you by amount you made and the date for each location. See where you make the most. What time of year is best?

Export (shake to export) your data to use in other accounting apps: exports as HTML and comma separated values (csv).

Coming soon: online backup!