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SwiftUI Book for App UI Design

I finished a new iOS book this summer for Apress. It has been released and available on Amazon.

It’s on SwiftUI but also contains a lot of other useful chapters for developers. I cover how to use UIKit in SwiftUI and also how to incorporate SwiftUI into UIKit apps.

The Combine framework is a big part of SwiftUI. I have a good amount of content on Combine to cover this also.

There are many exercises in the book to allow you to practice on your own. The code solutions to the exercises are provided via a link.

I also include some “cheat sheets” at the end. There I summarize the contents of the chapters for the key points. My idea here was that often I read books and I want to see the code again. I may remember the content or the ideas, but I want to see a certain code example. That can be hard to find.

With my cheat sheets, you can see those key areas very quickly.

I hope you enjoy the book and learn a lot!

Get the SwiftUI book here!