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Todo List Item via Email – Todo4Today iOS App

Todo4Today‘s new email feature let’s you send an email to create a todo item in your todo list.

Once you have the app and purchase the Email feature (Settings>Additional Features), you can email using these guidelines:

Email Address For Time:
For todo’s without a time, just send to
If you want a reminder set at a certain time, put the time in the email address like…


Subject is Title:
Set the subject to the title of your todo like “Call John.”

Body is Notes/Actions:
Put the notes in the body of the email including phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses – the notes field in the app will analyze for these and allow you to tap to call, email, map, etc.

Auto-Launch Actions
If you have the Launch Action Feature, you can use action items in your email body like: call:214.555.1212 or – then at the time of the reminder, the notification will start the action specified.