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App Development Dallas – App Experience

Located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we specialize in iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod) development including server side functionality for database, location-based, communication and more.

Brainwash Inc. has worked on over 100 apps on mobile platforms contributing to some of the most popular applications. Feel free to visit our Clients/Testimonials or write for details.

From Fortune 500 companies to individuals with an app idea, we can take you end-to-end from concept to design to development and release to the App Store.

iOS Experience – Contributed to:

iOS Experience – Full Development:

These apps use some/all of CoreData, MapKit, StoreKit, CoreLocation, online communication to Ruby-On-Rails/MySQL and other frameworks for email, address book access, audio recording/playback, iPod access, SMS functionality and more. In most cases, we also did the server side development (Linux based Ruby-On-Rails/MySQL).

Links to these apps are below these images…




  • Evap – Temporary posts/texting and messaging with backend
  • Haggle Textbooks – listing, messaging and payment of used textbooks
  • STICKS – Golf game using the accelerometer and maps to play friends over the network.
  • Consonant Pain – Word game using iAds, GameCenter (leaderboard), music, built-in dictionary and frame animation (letters)
  • Leaky Faucet Drip Calculator – Tap to determine water waste, location-based sponsorship/advertising (Android version)
  • Read with TedDee – Teaching children how to read with custom books
  • ITGO iPhone/iPad – Interval trainer with custom slow/fast playlists using iPod music
  • ITGO Matrix iPhone/iPod – Matrix-based Interval trainer with custom slow/fast playlists using iPod music
  • ITGO Calorie – Interval trainer that also estimates calories burned while working out
  • Smeagle Beeps – Unity3d based gravity/cannon/shapes game with multiple levels, background effects and ChartBoost ads
  • Vibracer: Fire and Ice – Unity3d based single-touch game to oscillate the character and avoid the ice for as long as you can.
  • Charms Music – Student login, download accompaniment audio, record user and merge for upload.
  • ToDo4Today – ToDo list with Calendar import/editing and Local Notifications
  • Pray4Today – Prayer log/journal including searching, tags, daily prayers and online backup.
  • Men’s Fraternity – iPhone/iPad In-App Purchase and download video/audio/workbook app allowing notes, highlight, drawing, etc.
  • RUOntrack? – Financial planning calculator including expenses and investment forms for summing input values
  • Kingdom Kidz Club – Bible based kids’ music playing and doodle pad app
  • Myfo – social networking app for location based posting
  • TrackWhatMatters – Track GPS located vehicles using Track What Matters technology
  • Pray4Missions – prayer calendar for missionaries, downloads from server to display date-based items.
  • North Village Church – System for listing people to pray for, server and speak to.
  • Saving Setter – Multi-child savings/allowance tracking app to encourage money management
  • ChorePiggy – Children’s chore/allowance/piggybank/sticker chart using camera and CoreData
  • Big Church Bingo – Game for kids to encourage attention during sermons and other presentations
  • SpotACop/Basic – Location based viewing/submitting police locations including stations, toll booths, cameras, etc. using maps and server side data
  • iSpotSwap – parking spot swapping social networking app using server MySQL database, mapping, real-time tracking/APN
  • Mass Text Message/Basic – in-app SMS group creation, storage and SMS texting
  • microRemote (not released yet) – Redrock – external accessory interaction with camera focus, range, depth of field, etc.
  • KidMeasure – camera based app to measure and record children’s height and store data and images for later viewing and emailing
  • Cost & Prep – – information gathering and personal notes storage for cost calculation and preparation
  • Estate Divider – – legal assistance for calculating estate value and accurate division of assets
  • PocketFuelCal – Professional drive utility to calculate surcharges based on fuel and operating costs.
  • ProjectSamson – Fitness routine creation/sharing and execution including logs and InApp purchase features.
  • Yakety Warp – Entertaining voice recording and manipulation.
  • ASSIST – version 1 – overall instructor lesson architect and real-time assistance including games and Yardstick
  • AIL: Yardstick – (no longer available) educational measurement for instructors to gauge comprehension in real-time
  • Fuel Pricing App (not named due to NDA) – find and report local gas prices for searching using server side communication/data and maps (pre MapKit)
  • Wolf – golf betting system with CoreData to store course, player and game data
  • iCanAttitude – motivational utility for setting and achieving goals using CoreData
  • Heritage Aviation – Aviation information based around a given airport including real-time weather, fuel prices, email requests
  • Malin Service – service call request submission using server side form submission
  • iRate Beer/Lite – Personal (and shared) beer ratings, notes, etc. with online database.
  • Beer Me/Lite – Pub/Bar/Tavern locator using current location, city/state/zip.
  • Booples Soundboard – Interactive soundboard for children.
  • Booples Songs/Videos – Includes all songs, videos available for In-App Purchase and download to view.
  • PrayItForward – Anonymous prayer requests and praying for others.
  • Tap Delay & Tempo Calc – Utility for recording engineers to determine necessary delays.
  • Type2Friendly – Type 2 diabetic friendly restaurant/menu item locator w/ mapping location and server side searches/data
  • UrbanMarket – Farmer’s market searching using lat/lng, city/state/zip with mapping and details navigation
  • – local music streaming app for Denton, TX
  • NoonView – Image sharing including integration into Facebook and Twitter
  • TipJar App – Tip and location recording with charting and exporting reports.

Several more apps that are under NDA, no longer available or currently being developed. Plus, several apps for “iOS in Practice” (below).

Apps for “iPhone in Practice“:

  • PicDecor – image capture and decoration
  • Dial4 – address book contacts filtering
  • WhereAmIParked – location/mapping, data storage and camera
  • TimeDown – Setting bundle/app, UI changes and shake detection
  • PlayMyLists – iPod access and audio playback
  • RockPaperScissors – GameCenter including leaderboards, communication and network play.
  • MusicSearch – Search for music using the iTunes API and parsing the JSON results for displaying details, images and iPad version. Also includes iAds.

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