iOS Development with Firebase (Online Course)

Firebase is popular software suite that enable mobile developers to quickly and easily add server-side functionality to apps: authentication, data storage, and more. This course explores some of the most useful services in the Firebase SDK for iOS app development. Instructor Bear Cahill starts by showing how to set up a project in the Firebase Read more about iOS Development with Firebase (Online Course)[…]

iOS Unit Testing with Xcode (Online Course)

Unit Testing for iOS Developers   Unit testing is a useful method for verifying functionality—both before and after development—and can help you catch and fix bugs. Xcode can automatically add unit test support to your projects. In this course, explore the fundamentals of unit tests in Xcode and discover how to add unit tests to Read more about iOS Unit Testing with Xcode (Online Course)[…]

iOS CoreBluetooth BLE Online Course

Adding Bluetooth LE functionality to your app can be intimidating. Dealing with hardware connections is always a bit of a mystery. CoreBluetooth really helps simplify the details and the heavy lifting. It boils down the connection and communication to something more familiar to most developers. The course: @Lynda @Linkedin Learning However, there are still a lot Read more about iOS CoreBluetooth BLE Online Course[…]

Linkedin Career Clinic

Featured on LinkedIn Career Clinic: Developer Insights

Bear is featured on the latest Linkedin Career Clinic: Developer Insights video. The video features a handful of content authors for Linkedin Learning on the topic of clean code practices. Being passionate about your work is always plus and hopefully a goal. Even though development is often as much math and science as anything else, Read more about Featured on LinkedIn Career Clinic: Developer Insights[…]

iOS Network Development Using URLSession and Alamofire Online Course Release

  iOS Network Development Using URLSession and Alamofire with: Bear Cahill …is now available on LinkedIn Learning: and on Course Description: Networking is a common component of modern mobile apps, necessary for authenticating user accounts, fetching data, and downloading and uploading files. Learning the latest networking frameworks is vital to quality, maintainable Read more about iOS Network Development Using URLSession and Alamofire Online Course Release[…]