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iOS Network Development Using URLSession and Alamofire Online Course Release


iOS Network Development Using URLSession and Alamofire

with: Bear Cahill

…is now available on LinkedIn Learning

A sample video introducing Alamofire:

Introduction to Alamofire from iOS Network Development Using URLSession and Alamofire by Bear Cahill


Course Description:

Networking is a common component of modern mobile apps, necessary for authenticating user accounts, fetching data, and downloading and uploading files. Learning the latest networking frameworks is vital to quality, maintainable iOS app development. This course covers the basics of Apple-provided network development using URLSession as well as Alamofire, a third-party framework for server-side communication that is generally considered the standard Swift solution. Instructor Bear Cahill shows how to fetch a variety of data types, including text, JSON, binary data, and media files, and handle responses from the server. Plus, learn how to report upload and download progress in Alamofire using method chaining and the built-in progress functions.

Topics Include:

Fetching data

Managing text, JSON, and binary data

Downloading files to the file system

Request and response handling with Alamofire

Encoding parameters

Uploading and downloading files

Reporting upload and download progress


1h 24m