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Migrating your iOS App to the AWS Cloud (online course)

Migrating your iOS App to the AWS Cloud

More apps are requiring server-side storage and functionality, but custom web resources can be expensive to develop and maintain. Using Amazon Web Services (AWS) for migration can make the process easier without being expensive. In this course, explore the resources available and learn about each step involved in migrating an iOS app, including user authentication, cloud configuration steps, and deployment steps. Discover how to use Cloud9 to develop serverless functionality with Lambdas, how to use DynamoDB for storing data, how to use CodeStar to manage the whole process, and more.



Learning Objectives:

  • Setting up an AWS account and console
  • Configuring an app for user authentication
  • Migrating a database to AWS
  • Retaining a local SQLite database
  • Moving app data storage online
  • server data in app
  • Controlling app revisions
  • Managing builds and deployments
  • Integrating dev environments
  • Migrating iOS app functionality to the cloud
  • Connecting online via APIs