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Featured on LinkedIn Career Clinic: Developer Insights

Linkedin Career Clinic

Linkedin Career Clinic

Bear is featured on the latest Linkedin Career Clinic: Developer Insights video. The video features a handful of content authors for Linkedin Learning on the topic of clean code practices.

Being passionate about your work is always plus and hopefully a goal. Even though development is often as much math and science as anything else, there’s many possibilities for creativity within the structure.

Much like music, there is form and rules but within the infinite possible combinations there can be beauty and elegance.

Get career advice and insights from tech [in]structors—practicing developers who teach for LinkedIn Learning. Christina Truong, Ted Neward, Chiu-Ki Chan, Emmanuel Henri, and other working professionals provide relevant, targeted advice for those entering the tech industry and those who want to progress to the next stage in their careers.

Meet a different developer each week, as they share stories about starting out, getting hired, finding mentors, improving their skills, and working on their favorite projects. Each interview is full of helpful job hunting tips and guidance for navigating today’s fast-paced tech world.

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