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libGPUSupportMercury.dylib iOS Crash

libGPUSupportMercury.dylib iOS Crash

I’ve been seeing the libGPUSupportMercury.dylib iOS Crash and having a tough time nailing it down. I still can’t reproduce it predictably. However, I believe I have enough to avoid it. libGPUSupportMercury.dylib iOS Crash For me it’s happening in the initWithFrame: call for MKMapView in the background. The app monitors for significant location changes. When it’s Read more about libGPUSupportMercury.dylib iOS Crash[…]

significant location change

Test Significant Location Change – iOS Simulator

Testing location functionality can be tough. Significant location change updates especially so. Here’s how to test SLC in the simulator… Test Significant Location Change You may need to reset the simulator  (iOS Simulator>Reset Contents and Settings…) to test Significant Location Change. These steps assume you have setup your app to use the Location Manager to monitor Read more about Test Significant Location Change – iOS Simulator[…]

enable itunes testflight testing

iTunes TestFlight – Shutting Down Services on 2/26

You may have noticed that TestFlight will shut down on 2/26/15 moving iOS app testing to iTunes TestFlight Beta Testing via iTunesConnect. While this is going to be work, it won’t be much different ultimately. Testflight has a useful FAQ on it. And Apple has a good site with a helpful video. iTunes Testflight Testers Read more about iTunes TestFlight – Shutting Down Services on 2/26[…]

gripper calculator

Invanko Super Gripper App – Resistance Calculator

Drew Baye had a great idea for an app to be able to calculate the resistance on an Ivanko Super Gripper. He had the data and I created a simple app: Invanko Super Gripper App Invanko Super Gripper App       The calculator allows you to quickly and easily determine the spring configuration required for Read more about Invanko Super Gripper App – Resistance Calculator[…]

adhoc push notifications

Adhoc Push Notifications Not Working –

Like many posts about adhoc push notifications not working, I was having problems receiving adhoc push notifications. I tried it all including recreating all the provisioning multiple times. Adhoc Push Notifications The solution, in this case, was simple: delete the app from my iPhone and try again. I believe it was mainly caused by the Read more about Adhoc Push Notifications Not Working –[…]

create new account

Messages Not Syncing in Yosemite OSX MacBookPro – FIX!

So when Mavericks came out, Messages synced across my iOS devices and OS X/MacBook. Then it stopped. I long waited for the day when Yosemite and iOS 8 would come out and fix it all. No dice. I couldn’t even send to other Messages users. With iOS 8 and Yosemite I could now send texts to Read more about Messages Not Syncing in Yosemite OSX MacBookPro – FIX![…]

Xcode 6 Auto-Increment Build Number Script

Xcode 6 Auto-Increment Build Number Script

I recently started using’ crash reporting and wanted to pay better attention to my build numbers in Xcode.   I found this post on stackoverflow about it and used the solution. It works great and I certainly want to give credit where it’s due.     Xcode 6 Auto-Increment Build Number     Steps: Read more about Xcode 6 Auto-Increment Build Number Script[…] Crash Logs – Adding Crash Reporting

I found out yesterday that offers crash reporting now. I love and use it for many projects. It’s easy to integration and flexible in almost every way. It provides object database service, push notifications and more and with fairly low effort and low cost. No, I’m not a salesperson for I used Read more about Crash Logs – Adding Crash Reporting[…]

simulate slow network

iOS/iPhone Simulator – Simulate Slow Network Speeds

I needed to simulate slow network speeds for the iOS simulator. There’s a pretty easy provided way to do it. Click on Xcode>Open Developer Tool>More Developer Tools… This will take you to an Apple website to download more tools (or just click here).   Pick “Hardware IO Tools for Xcode” and download it. The dmg Read more about iOS/iPhone Simulator – Simulate Slow Network Speeds[…]

beta-reports-active - scheme

beta-reports-active – Testflight app cannot be installed at this time

I started getting “app cannot be installed at this time” from testflight installs. From the device console, I saw that my app entitlements were setting beta-reports-active but my provisioning didn’t include it. You might also get this message: “Entitlements found that are not permitted by provisioning profile” beta-reports-active From what I could piece together from Read more about beta-reports-active – Testflight app cannot be installed at this time[…]

Error reading ‘pic’: Xcode6/cocoapods analyzer error

I started receiving this error today when building with Xcode 6: error reading ‘pic’…

I googled a lot and found helpful posts on how to fix it, but no single one of them did the trick. It seemed like I had to do several of them in combination and in the right order. I Read more about Error reading ‘pic’: Xcode6/cocoapods analyzer error[…]

NSMergeConflict CoreData Crash in iOS 7

I kept getting an error like this… NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=133020 “The operation couldn’t be completed. (Cocoa error 133020.)” UserInfo=0x1115a6d0 {conflictList=( “NSMergeConflict (0x1115a670) for NSManagedObject   I chased the bug for a while looking at all types of threading issues. In the end, it was just that my background context didn’t have a merge policy set on it… Read more about NSMergeConflict CoreData Crash in iOS 7[…]

Only the 5.5-Inch iPhone 6 May Offer 128GB Models – Mac Rumors

In addition to a larger display, the iPhone 6 is expected to launch this September with a thinner design, a faster processor, and an improved camera. The larger 5.5-inch iPhone 6 is also rumored to exclusively have optical image stabilization to also differentiate it from the smaller iPhone 6, which will instead have an advanced Read more about Only the 5.5-Inch iPhone 6 May Offer 128GB Models – Mac Rumors[…]

MKMapCamera – Setting the Orientation of a MapView

Using the MKMapCamera, you can set the orientation of a map without messing with transforms on the view or even detecting the user’s heading (though that could be helpful too).

If you don’t want the animation, you can just set the new heading on the existing camera:

There’s some other really cool calls on Read more about MKMapCamera – Setting the Orientation of a MapView[…]

iOS in Practice - book

My Book “iOS in Practice” is the Manning “Deal of the Day”

Use code dotd042614tw at iOS in Practice is a hands-on guide with 98 specific techniques to help solve the specific problems you’ll encounter over and over as you work on your iPhone and iPad apps. You’ll dig into the practical nuts and bolts of applying views, view controllers, table views and cells, audio, images, graphics, Read more about My Book “iOS in Practice” is the Manning “Deal of the Day”[…]

New App: Leaky Faucet Drip Calculator by Tapping

Leaky Faucet Drip Calculator – Tap to determine water waste, location-based sponsorship/advertising (Android version) Check out a recent app we developed – the Leaky Faucet Drip Calculator will help you determine water waste from a drippy faucet. Tap on the app with each drop and the app will tell you the water wasted per day, month Read more about New App: Leaky Faucet Drip Calculator by Tapping[…]

Dallas/Ft Worth (DFW) App Development

The Dallas Morning News had a tech-blog a while back. It’s gone now. It has several articles on it about local (to DFW) app development shops including this one (Brainwash Inc.). The tech-blog is gone now due to the Dallas Morning News being purchased. I guess they shut down or replaced the tech blog. It’s Read more about Dallas/Ft Worth (DFW) App Development[…]

Disable ARC Compilation in Xcode for an iOS/Objective-C File

In some cases, you want to disable ARC in your project just for one or some subset of files. Usually this is the case, for me, that I’m using a file from an online repository that I don’t want to change for various reasons. The way to disable ARC for that file is in the Read more about Disable ARC Compilation in Xcode for an iOS/Objective-C File[…]

Featured on ContractIQ

Brainwash Inc. is featured today on ContractIQ. They are showcasing the ITGO app developed for interval training using the user’s fast/slow playlists for the various intervals. ITGO utilizes a very custom interface with dials and nobs. Also, the interval timing is displayed with a circle of on/off LED-like images. The playlists are created by the Read more about Featured on ContractIQ[…]

Laravel Sessions Not Working in 4.1

 My Laravel app wasn’t retaining the session from one page to another. The session files were created in app/storage/session, but clearly weren’t used. Basically don’t have any ‘echo’ statements in your function after the auth. From For many people, it’s because they didn’t use the standard setup for users. Make sure your table is named Read more about Laravel Sessions Not Working in 4.1[…] PHP Setup using MAMP for OSX

I recently wanted to explore developing for using PHP. My webdev skills are quite rusty but it wasn’t too tough. I made some notes and thought I’d share them. I used MAMP which makes the foundational setup quick and easy. Here’s the steps…  1. Install MAMP – – download, double click, not much more too it (I avoided Read more about PHP Setup using MAMP for OSX[…]

Changing iOS Font on All Widgets (UILabel, UIButton, etc.)

Sometimes it’s necessary to change the font on an app and you don’t want to go into Interface Builder and manually change them all. Ug. So you can recursively call a method to change the font on all subviews that respond to the setFont: method.

Check that it responds to the selector and call Read more about Changing iOS Font on All Widgets (UILabel, UIButton, etc.)[…]

Loading iOS ViewController in Code from a Storyboard File

In one project, I needed to present some one-off view controllers so I thought it would be best to put them in their own StoryBoard file and load them in code. I wrote a method that takes the view controller name (set in the Identity Inspector – see image). In this case it is “browserVC” Read more about Loading iOS ViewController in Code from a Storyboard File[…]

Forward Geocode in iOS with CLGeocoder

Similar to the post about reverse geocoding, the forward geocoded uses CLGeocoder. I wrote a quick static method that takes an address string (e.g., “4700 Louisiana 22 #1, Mandeville, LA 70471”) and a completion handler. All this method does is create the CLGeocoder for you and make the call. It’s mostly just a way to Read more about Forward Geocode in iOS with CLGeocoder[…]

Reverse Geocode in iOS w/ CLGeocoder

If you’re using CLLocationManager to obtain the user’s location, you can add some code in the delegate method to reverse geocode the user’s location…

Alloc-init a CLGeocoder and call reverseGeocodeLocation: w/ the location passed in (or any location) and a completion handler. I’m storing it in a instance variable to use later. Here’s some code Read more about Reverse Geocode in iOS w/ CLGeocoder[…]

iOS UIWebView Handle PopUp Page

  I had a unique problem today – if a page opens a new ‘window’ in a UIWebView and then calls window.close to close it, how is that handled in iOS? UPDATE: Swift version added at the bottom. On top of that, the pop-up window was to allow the user to select a value for Read more about iOS UIWebView Handle PopUp Page[…]


I found my popover’s going to iOS 7 didn’t look so great. I searched around and posts were pointing to subclassing the abstract UIPopoverBackgroundView class. I found GIKPopoverBackgroundView and the demo app for it looked good. It was fairly easy to use – Copy GIKPopoverBackgroundView.h/.m into my project Copy the images from the images folder Read more about UIPopoverBackgroundView[…]

Oculus Rift

I received my Oculus Rift Dev Kit in the mail on Wednesday. So cool! I’ve only played some demos to check it out. It’s great to see how quickly it reacts and how light it is. I’m sure the consumer version will be high-def and hopefully wireless. Also, check out this breakdown of top VR Read more about Oculus Rift[…]

Storyboard – Unwind a Segue

From… In the controller you wish to return to, implement a method that returns an IBAction, and that takes a single UIStoryboardSegue argument: – (IBAction)returnActionForSegue:(UIStoryboardSegue *)returnSegue { // do useful actions here. } Now, in the scene we wish to unwind, control-drag from the UI element that will trigger the return to the scene’s Read more about Storyboard – Unwind a Segue[…]

iWatch – Apple Trademark Around the World

From… “In addition to filing for a trademark on the term “iWatch” in Russia and Japan on June 3, we have discovered that Apple filed for a trademark in Taiwan, which follows a report from 9to5Mac that Apple filed in Mexico as well, bringing the total number of trademark filings to four.”