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iOS 7.1 Features: Top 5 new iOS 7.1 features

Apple recently released iOS 7.1 w/ some new/updated features.

I like the minor UI changes they made to make things sharper, but there’s a few other settings that aren’t so obvious you might want to check out here:

iOS 7.1 Features: Top 5 new iOS 7.1 features to try right now | BGR.

I particularly like the new “Increase Contrast” options…

Go to Settings > General > Accessibility and tap “Increase Contrast.” You’ll now find three separate options in iOS 7.1.

“Reduce Transparency” will remove all of the transparency effects in areas including the home screen dock, folder backgrounds, the Control Center and the Notification Center.

“Darken Colors” will do just that: Darken all of the colors on the device’s display to make them more visible.

Finally, “Reduce White Point” will make whites on the screen less bright, which is another way to improve visibility.