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WWDC Keynote Summary

UnknownThere’s a lot to digest from the WWDC Keynote. Many new SDK frameworks, updates, UI changes, features,… so much… but no new hardware. Interesting.

I intend to digest it a bit and then update this post w/ the real content. For now, I’ll just post my notes…



WWDC 2014 Keynote


70% first time WWDC attendees

new DEV release???

Spotlight updates – more like Alfred

iCloud drive

Mail Drop – large attachments, encrypted, link to attachment, 5GB limit



– tab swiping

– tab view button

– share button, recent recipients


AirDrop – btwn iOS and Mac


– lock screen notification (bottom left)

– or to Mac – prompt on dock icon for app

Instant Hotspot – Mac sees iPhone, no config

SMS – across devices even w/ non-Messages

– Mac sees calls and works as speaker-phone

– dial number from Mac

Fall 2014 – free, public Beta in Summer


iOS 8

– developer features too


End User Features

interactive notifications (e.g., text) including lock screen and 3rdparty notifs

multi-task also shows recent people

New Safari tabview and sidebar

Mail – left/right swipes and down during compose to access other emails

Spotlight (like OSX)

SMS – details (participants, location), audio, video, notif: raise to ear, same to reply

iCloud Drive


– Single App Mode???

HealthKit – Health App

Family Sharing – photos, find, calendar, Reminders, media, prompted for parents permission for purchases

Photos – w/ iCloud – all photos, search: locations, near current locations, date, etc.

– photo editing

– sneak peak on Mac

iCloud Drive new prices

20GB $.99/month

200GB $3.99/month


– “Hey, Siri”

– Shazam song recognition

– streaming voice recog


iOS 8 – Developer Features


– Explore tab

– Trending searches

– Scrolling results

– related searches

– App Bundles w/ discount

– app previews – videos

– TestFlight – invite users to beta test app, free



SDK – biggest release since launch of app store

– 4k+ new APIs


– extend system and offer serves to other apps including UI

– photo filters

– document providers (e.g., DropBox)

– widgets for notification center

– System wide 3p keyboard

Touch ID API

– 3p apps can use it, unlocks keychain items (not fingerprint data)

Camera APIs

– manual control of exposure, white level, etc.



– indiv or group devices, scenes, Siri


– replaces server (e.g. FREE (w/ limits)

– scales based on users


– big graphic performance increases, precompiled shaders, etc.


– light sources, field forces, per-pixel physics, inverse kinematics


– 3D scene render, casual games, physics engines, scripting


– Objective-C w/o C… new language: Swift

– fast, modern, safe, interactive

– namespaces, multiple return types, closures, generics

– Cocoa/CocoaTouch, LLVM, ARC, same runtime – can run together w/ Obj-C and C

– Playgrounds


– Playgrounds – results on the right

– language guide available now in iBooks

– available Beta today

– available Fall back to iPhone 4S (others?)