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Xcode User Defaults

Xcode User Defaults

via Mac Dev Center: Xcode User Default Reference: Xcode User Defaults.

When I upgraded to Xcode 3.2.1 a lot of my preferences seemed to be changed for me. In particular were some code sense and indentation settings I liked.

I fixed a few via Xcode->Preferences, but the brace {} settings weren’t in there.

So now when I typed if, I got

if (condition) {...

The above link describes the defaults you can set via command line. I used this one to fix my formatting:

defaults write XCCodeSenseFormattingOptions -dict PreExpressionsSpacing " " BlockSeparator "n" PostBlockSeparator "n"

This command tells you what your current formatting options are:

defaults read XCCodeSenseFormattingOptions

Now it’s…

if (condition)


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