Laravel Sessions Not Working in 4.1

 My Laravel app wasn’t retaining the session from one page to another. The session files were created in app/storage/session, but clearly weren’t used. Basically don’t have any ‘echo’ statements in your function after the auth. From For many people, it’s because they didn’t use the standard setup for users. Make sure your table is named Read more about Laravel Sessions Not Working in 4.1[…] PHP Setup using MAMP for OSX

I recently wanted to explore developing for using PHP. My webdev skills are quite rusty but it wasn’t too tough. I made some notes and thought I’d share them. I used MAMP which makes the foundational setup quick and easy. Here’s the steps…  1. Install MAMP – – download, double click, not much more too it (I avoided Read more about PHP Setup using MAMP for OSX[…]