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Adhoc Push Notifications Not Working –

Like many posts about adhoc push notifications not working, I was having problems receiving adhoc push notifications. I tried it all including recreating all the provisioning multiple times. Adhoc Push Notifications The solution, in this case, was simple: delete the app from my iPhone and try again. I believe it was mainly caused by the Read more about Adhoc Push Notifications Not Working –[…] Crash Logs – Adding Crash Reporting

I found out yesterday that offers crash reporting now. I love and use it for many projects. It’s easy to integration and flexible in almost every way. It provides object database service, push notifications and more and with fairly low effort and low cost. No, I’m not a salesperson for I used Read more about Crash Logs – Adding Crash Reporting[…] PHP Setup using MAMP for OSX

I recently wanted to explore developing for using PHP. My webdev skills are quite rusty but it wasn’t too tough. I made some notes and thought I’d share them. I used MAMP which makes the foundational setup quick and easy. Here’s the steps…  1. Install MAMP – – download, double click, not much more too it (I avoided Read more about PHP Setup using MAMP for OSX[…]