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Xcode 10 – How to Keep the Object Library Open

Object Library - how to keep the object library open
Object Library

Like many others, when I upgraded to Xcode 10, I wasn’t a fan of the missing Object Library. Once I found it, I knew I’d learn that short cut really fast: ⇧⌘L


But it was still annoying that it disappeared after the put something in Interface Builder.


Then once, by accident, I was able to make the window bar appear. After that, the Object Library stuck around.




How to Keep the Object Library Open

I figured it out, it’s:


 …or hold Option while clicking the Library button in the toolbar.

Show Library Menu - how to keep the object library open
Show Library Menu



I’m still very much NOT a fan of this change. Now it covers part of my screen while I’m editing the UI. Maybe it was fine before or maybe I just got used to it, but I liked it.

I’m usually reluctant to accepting changes in how I work. I have it how I like and I want to keep it. I was the same way with Storyboards, Segues, etc. But over time I see the benefits and prefer the change.

I don’t expect that to happen here… and so far I’m right.

Maybe they’ll add a way to dock it in the next version. I really don’t know who came up w/ this idea, but… that person might not want to brag about it.