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AWS Tutorial: Adding User Authentication to a Mobile App

AWS User Authentication Tutorial
AWS User Authentication Tutorial

Adding user authentication with Amazon Web Services (AWS) can be pretty easy. You’ll need an AWS account and not much more.


The AWS Mobile Hub steps you through the process of creating a Project. Projects have Apps (e.g., iOS, Android, etc.).


AWS Tutorial at


For each app, you can add Backend Services like User Authentication. Once you add this service, you select the settings for it. Again, AWS walks you through each step.

Trust me – if you’ve been developing for user authentication for a while, you know that it can be a pain. No more! AWS has made it quick, easy and affordable.


Check out the full tutorial at



Not only is AWS User Authentication quick and easy but it’s free. Of course, if you have the great problem of being “too” successful, you may wind up with some costs. I hope you’re cursed with that problem.

Until then, enjoy having AWS as your “authentication provider.”

Amazon Web Services also supports Facebook and Google as login options and it’s just as easy. Through about the same process as email/username account creation/login, you can add these.

For Facebook and Google you’ll need developer accounts from them. With that you can create the necessary account/app IDs to add to the AWS settings.

AWS provides the necessary configuration, frameworks and even UI to add to your app. The times we live in!

Check out the full tutorial at

I enjoyed the process of writing a guest post at!

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