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New Client App: Race to Read – Learning to Read

kids learn to read

A new client app is in the iOS App Store. Race to Read from Speech Pathology Apps helps kids learn to read in a fun way. They may not even realize they’re learning to read!

kids learn to read
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Each child can pick their own car and it retains their progress for teachers and parents to review and modify.

Each level has a target word. As the car races around the track, the child taps the word before the car reaches it – to avoid the crash.

race to read app store

There are close to 800 words to learn:
Level 1 – consonant-vowel-consonant short vowel
Level 2 – consonant-vowel-consonant long vowel silent “e”
Level 3 – 2-vowel walking and au, aw, ow, ou
Level 4 – dge, tch, ck
Level 5 – blends
Level 6 Dolch words

kids learning to read app
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And, create your own reading/spelling word lists!

Speech Pathology Apps features speech and language apps, reading and dyslexia apps, and educational to supplement the educational curriculum. Free stand-alone materials are available as well as materials to use in conjunction with the apps.