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iOS Email Aliases for From field

I have several domains and a) want to check them all from 1 account and b) want to be able to write from them using that one account.

This isn’t tough w/ web clients (I use Yahoo!) but for my iOS devices it has the added challenge that I want to use the native client. That way if an app kicks me to the email UI, I can carry on as usual.

So the other emails are just forwards to my Yahoo account. No problem. But to have them as options to write from is different.

I found a couple sites that helped me figure out how to do this…

Geek and Dad and Modernerd which has nice images.

My specific issue was that I needed to specify both the incoming and outgoing servers (listed here) INCLUDING username and passwords.

From what I can tell, if you specify the incoming and outgoing servers w/ login credentials, iOS Mail will let you specify any from address you want. But if you select a service (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) it will force you to use your specified email address across the board.