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InVision App UI Design Tool

InVision UI DesignOne of the toughest things about projects is communicating the various aspects: UI/UX, requirements, features, etc. And of those UI can be the hardest…

UI/UX is hard to communicate b/c it’s visual, can be fluid, non-specific, subjective and often the case is “you don’t know until you see it.” Often it’s also “I don’t know what I want, but I know that’s not it.”

I usually try to get clients to draw the UI from their head on anything: computer, napkin, etc. Not b/c that will be the final UI design, but to communicate what they see in their mind. Also, it’s a great exercise to have them think thru the UI.

InVision also has a new feature called InVision Sync… “InVision Sync creates a folder right on your desktop where you can access all your projects and designs. Think of it as Dropbox for all your design communication & collaboration.”

Mobile tips: