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iOS 5 beta update iPhone/iPad

I do it every time! The beta of the new iOS comes out, I update to it and regret it. Every time.

Every time I do it, I can’t remember the reason I regret it and so I do it again the next time. I need to write it down… here?

[UPDATE: I also always forget that the betas expire… and never at the right time. Like a smoke alarm beeping in the night.]

So I updated to iOS 5 the other day. Regret. Actually, this time it probably wasn’t as bad as usual…

I downloaded the new iTunes, the iOS beta (for iPhone and for iPad) and Xcode w/ the new SDK. I decided to risk my iPad first: I backed it up, installed the new iTunes, updated the iPad, mostly watched slow progress bars for the morning and viola! It worked pretty well – just took a long time. So I decided to do my iPhone too.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have my old install of iTunes to back up my iPhone so I had to back it up w/ the new version of iTunes. Not sure if that was the cause, but when I restored my iPhone to iOS 5 (I say ‘restore’ b/c that’s the process – not ‘update’) it seemed to copy everything twice. Half of my memory on the device was taken up w/ ‘Other.’ Another weird thing, a lot of my apps were missing but when I redownloaded them from the appstore, my data was magically in there. ‘Other’???

There were some other hiccups like 9 times out of 10 when I got a new app, it would just stick on ‘loading…’ w/ a blank icon until I rebooted my phone and then the app would be ready to go.

The real problem actually came in when some apps wdn’t run – they’d crash after loading or soon their after. It wasn’t after certain functionality or anything. I won’t name any names b/c I have no way of knowing if it was the app or the OS, but it was a problem.

I just upgraded to beta 2 and the same apps are doing it so it’s not a done deal yet.

So next time, I hope to read this post and remember to NOT update/upgrade/restore to the new version. I wd say I cd just do my iPad or iPod Touch, but I’d have to upgrade my Xcode (or have the additional install) to use it so it’s still an little bit of issue.

Have you had any interesting experiences w/ using the new beta? Try not to put any NDA related items here.