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Apple’s App Store Approval Process Now Includes an Automated Layer

Apple’s App Store Approval Process Now Includes an Automated Layer.

The specific function of the new automated component is to check submissions for private API calls. If it finds any, the app is rejected outright.

This comes around the same time as other app store news…

Apple Tweaks App Store Review Process

Developers can now log in to Apple’s Dev Center Web site and receive notifications on how far along their program is in the review process. This includes time and date stamps, as well at status updates like “waiting for review,” and “in review.” While this is a relatively minor addition, it does add a new level of transparency to a review process that has turned off some content creators.

I don’t see these changes in the app store as big in and of themselves, but more a sign of their direction: cracking down on the apps and trying to be a bit more transparent in the review.

It’s not a bad way to crack down, but hopefully it will remain w/in their stated rules (as opposed to this). And it’s not a good improvement in the appstore review process, but hopefully it will lead to more.