Crash Logs – Adding Crash Reporting

I found out yesterday that offers crash reporting now. I love and use it for many projects. It’s easy to integration and flexible in almost every way. It provides object database service, push notifications and more and with fairly low effort and low cost. No, I’m not a salesperson for I used Read more about Crash Logs – Adding Crash Reporting[…]

NSMergeConflict CoreData Crash in iOS 7

I kept getting an error like this… NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=133020 “The operation couldn’t be completed. (Cocoa error 133020.)” UserInfo=0x1115a6d0 {conflictList=( “NSMergeConflict (0x1115a670) for NSManagedObject   I chased the bug for a while looking at all types of threading issues. In the end, it was just that my background context didn’t have a merge policy set on it… Read more about NSMergeConflict CoreData Crash in iOS 7[…]