Disable ARC Compilation in Xcode for an iOS/Objective-C File

In some cases, you want to disable ARC in your project just for one or some subset of files. Usually this is the case, for me, that I’m using a file from an online repository that I don’t want to change for various reasons. The way to disable ARC for that file is in the Read more about Disable ARC Compilation in Xcode for an iOS/Objective-C File[…]

Featured on ContractIQ

Brainwash Inc. is featured today on ContractIQ. They are showcasing the ITGO app developed for interval training using the user’s fast/slow playlists for the various intervals. ITGO utilizes a very custom interface with dials and nobs. Also, the interval timing is displayed with a circle of on/off LED-like images. The playlists are created by the Read more about Featured on ContractIQ[…]

Laravel Sessions Not Working in 4.1

 My Laravel app wasn’t retaining the session from one page to another. The session files were created in app/storage/session, but clearly weren’t used. Basically don’t have any ‘echo’ statements in your function after the auth. From https://github.com/laravel/framework/issues/161 For many people, it’s because they didn’t use the standard setup for users. Make sure your table is named Read more about Laravel Sessions Not Working in 4.1[…]