I found my popover’s going to iOS 7 didn’t look so great. I searched around and posts were pointing to subclassing the abstract UIPopoverBackgroundView class. I found GIKPopoverBackgroundView and the demo app for it looked good. It was fairly easy to use – Copy GIKPopoverBackgroundView.h/.m into my project Copy the images from the images folder Read more about UIPopoverBackgroundView[…]

Oculus Rift

I received my Oculus Rift Dev Kit in the mail on Wednesday. So cool! I’ve only played some demos to check it out. It’s great to see how quickly it reacts and how light it is. I’m sure the consumer version will be high-def and hopefully wireless. Also, check out this breakdown of top VR Read more about Oculus Rift[…]

Storyboard – Unwind a Segue

From http://www.freelancemadscience.com/fmslabs_blog/2012/9/24/advanced-storyboard-techniques.html… In the controller you wish to return to, implement a method that returns an IBAction, and that takes a single UIStoryboardSegue argument: – (IBAction)returnActionForSegue:(UIStoryboardSegue *)returnSegue { // do useful actions here. } Now, in the scene we wish to unwind, control-drag from the UI element that will trigger the return to the scene’s Read more about Storyboard – Unwind a Segue[…]