Appirater by Arash Payan

Presenting, Appirater – Arash Payan | Blog.

The Appstore is better than before (when users were prompted to rate apps when they deleted them), but it’s still dominated by negative reviews.

Appirater is a good option to fight against that since it prompts users to rate the app based on use of the app (e.g., it prompts users to rate the app after they’ve used it for a while).

Setting it up is pretty easy… get the code from and then…

  1. Add the Appirater code into your project
  2. Add the CFNetwork and SystemConfiguration frameworks to your project
  3. Call [Appirater appLaunched:YES] at the end of your app delegate’s application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: method.
  4. Call [Appirater appEnteredForeground:YES] in your app delegate’s applicationWillEnterForeground: method.
  5. (OPTIONAL) Call [Appirater userDidSignificantEvent:YES] when the user does something ‘significant’ in the app.
  6. Finally, set the APPIRATER_APP_ID in Appirater.h to your Apple provided software id.