MySpace API SDK for iPhone/iOS

myspace-iphone-sdk – Project Hosting on Google Code.

I’m trying to incorporate the MySpace api into an app. Not easy.

On the HowToUse page, the login/logout example tells you where to add the key, secret and callbak url.

Also, I’m including it in a project which also has Twitter and that uses OAuth. So I include the MySpace project using the library route, but it started getting a weird error trying to call URLEncodedString on NSString in MSURLCode.m. It’s a method added to NSString via a category.

So I put the actual call from the URLEncodedString method from the category in MSURLCoder.m, recompiled the library and then it worked.

The API SDK isn’t complete and in the Upcoming entry, it states from May, 2010:

Changes MySpace iPhone team is working on

1. XML support: This will be transparent to most users expect for lower level sdk developers.
2. Exposure of more and more APIs e.g. Activities, Notifications etc

Also, they state:

IMPORTANT: when including the framework bundle created by this target, you MUST change the “File Type” property of the framework from “wrapper.framework” to “wrapper.framework.static”

See image below.

If anyone has used this api (or another MySpace API SDK) w/ success, please let me know.