Pray4Today lists what you’ve specified what you want to pray for each day. It’s what to “pray 4 today”!

Manage your prayer journal with tag organization and online backup/restore.
* Listing of Today’s Prayer Items
* Specify how often to pray for each item
* Search by text and/or tag
* FREE Online backup/restore (great for moving to a new device)
* View past answered prayers
* Email prayer items to yourself or others including a link to add it to their app
* Sort items (only when ‘Active’ is selected)

Pray4Today allows you to add prayer requests by entering a name, notes and specifying how often to pray for it: daily, days of the week or days of the month (e.g., pray for your pastor on Mondays and Thursdays).

Also, you can add tags to prayer requests by typing tag names (comma or period separated) or checking existing tags.

Search all prayer items by text and/or tags. View today’s prayer items, all active pray items or answered prayer items to see how God has answered your prayers.

Email prayer details to yourself or others to let them know you’re praying for them.

Pray4Today has a FREE online backup and restore.


User review:

Almost perfect
4 stars

Skeptical that I’d find something close to what I wanted, this is almost perfect. Clean simple interface, love being able to assign prayer themes per day. While i appreciate the simplicity of not needing to create an account to backup, I wish I could sync my list with my wifes iPhone so we could share the same data.