iPhone SDK Examples

Good little code snippets iPhone SDK Examples. Very useful when you’re just getting started or to see how someone else is doing something.

Highlighting Text in a UIWebView

As a continuation of this post I wanted to share a few things about how I solved the problem of working w/ text in a UIWebView. I did it mostly thru running Javascript via the stringByEvaluatingJavaScriptFromString: method on the UIWebView which I extended thru another class (e.g., MyWebView). There’s a few key actions: override canPerformAction:withSender: Read more about Highlighting Text in a UIWebView[…]

millenomi’s simstorekit at master – GitHub

A simulated version of the iPhone’s StoreKit, for testing store UIs on the iPhone Simulator, or even on device without having to set up IAP in Connect. via millenomi’s simstorekit at master – GitHub. I have not used this (yet), but wanted to post about it. Have you used it? If so, please comment.

Cocoa Is My Girlfriend » Fun With UIButtons and Core Animation Layers

Upon first glance, the UIButton class doesn’t seem to provide what you might expect in terms of customization. This often causes developers to resort to creating buttons in an image editor and then specifying that in the Background field in Interface Builder. This is a fine solution and will likely give you what you need, Read more about Cocoa Is My Girlfriend » Fun With UIButtons and Core Animation Layers[…]