iPhone AddressBook Names in App

There’s lots of sites that talk about getting the AddressBook and such, but I wanted a good example and had a hard time finding code just to get the address book names. Address Book Programming Guide for iPhone OS: Interacting Directly with the Address Book Database Here’s one way…[sourcecode lang=”cpp”] ABAddressBookRef addressBook = ABAddressBookCreate(); NSArray Read more about iPhone AddressBook Names in App[…]

Add a spell checker to your C# applications

Add a spell checker to your C# applications using Sentry’s spellchecker Steps once you get the download the eval: copy DLL (C:Program Filesssceruntimessce5532.dll) and C:Program Filesssceruntimelex folder to target dir add: “using Sentry;” to any classes using the spell checker set the eval key: SpellingCheckerEngine.SetKey(<eval key from email>); set lex path: SpellingCheckerEngine.SetMainLexPath(<target dir> + “\lex”); Read more about Add a spell checker to your C# applications[…]

NSUserDefaults/Settings.bundle not loaded, returning nils

Apparently there is a bug/feature in the Apple SDK such that until the user goes into the settings area for an app, the settings are loaded. So you get nils back when checking on values. It kinda defeats the purpose of the DefaultValue setting, but here’s a good work around: Updating NSUserDefaults from Settings.bundle | Read more about NSUserDefaults/Settings.bundle not loaded, returning nils[…]

ILMerge – compile your DLLs into your EXE (C#)

ILMerge – Microsoft Research If you want to compile your DLLs into your C# output EXE, use this command-line too called ILMerge. There are good docs for the API and such and there’s command line help, but the core syntax is: C:ilmerge /out:<filename> <primary assembly> [<other assemblies>…] NOTE: Your out filename can’t be the same Read more about ILMerge – compile your DLLs into your EXE (C#)[…]

speedlimit – test your app in realworld connection speeds

speedlimit speedlimit is a Leopard preference pane for limiting your network bandwidth to one of a couple different speeds—768k DSL, Edge, 3G, and Dialup. This is really handy for testing your iPhone app under normal Edge network conditions in the iPhone Simulator. The new version allows you to restrict the slowdown to only a specific Read more about speedlimit – test your app in realworld connection speeds[…]

New Leaf IT

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