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Denton-Based Free App Contest Voting

Thank you to everyone who participated in the app contest and those who voted.

The winner is:Β Only In Denton!!!

Congrats to Only In Denton and everyone who participated!

I look forward to working with Only In Denton on their app and will keep this page updated w/ progress.

Also, be sure to visit Will Work for Banjos for other local dev opportunities to barter development for your business’s services/products. πŸ™‚

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Listed in order received…

Company/Organization: Only in Denton


App Idea: I am looking for something even that is a basic directory listing that is basically an extension of our current website.


Company/Organization: wash it kwik


App Idea: I’d like an app to schedule pickup and deliveries for laundry customers.Β  They would click a button that would say β€œschedule a pickup”.Β  This would be like washio’s app.Β  Driver then would receive an email/text and delivery could be coordinated.


Bonus- Include a real time GPS tracker like Uber has, where they could see the location of our delivery van in real time.


Company/Organization: Keep Denton Beautiful


App Idea: β€œLitter Reporting Tool”

I am proposing an interactive litter reporting tool for Denton residents.Β  The APP would pull in data, utilizing user submission, that determine the amount of litter or litter conditions of areas all over Denton.Β  The user would be asked a few questions to determine the litter conditions and the APP would track the area using GPS data to show β€œlitter hotspots” in town.Β  Over the course of a year’s data we would be able to track the most littered areas of town and assign litter crews to those areas more regularly in order to help stem the problem of litter in Denton.Β  Uses would be able to interactively look at a map of Denton and see β€œreal time” where the litter hot spot are in town and, potentially, volunteer to help clean litter in areas that are in need.Β  We could also extend the littered areas from roads, to public areas such as parks and schools, as well as local waterways.Β  I envision an APP that can be used by Denton resident and City of Denton employees to track where the most littered areas in town are in an attempt to more readily take care of the issues on an ongoing basis.


Company/Organization: Countryside Montessori


App Idea: School App to allow parents to communicate with teachers, report absent days, view photos and progress reports.


Company/Organization: OpenBrite, LLC


App Idea: I’d like you to make an iOS application to control an LEDgoes scrolling LED matrix.Β  These modular marquees are totally open-source, can be arranged in many different shapes & placed virtually anywhere (though meant only for indoor use), and are meant to be really easy for the end user to write messages and animations to.Β  The good news for you is there’s already code in Java & Python on our GitHub for controlling LEDgoes marquees.


Company/Organization: All-N-One Lawn and Pest Control


App Idea: An app to provide gardening tips and to do lists, broken down by month.Β  Would tell gardeners when and what to plant what, chores to be done.The correct timing for applications, what insects are beneficial, and many other horticultural tasks.Β  All this is categorized by month/season.Β  Could include products to be used, and sun/shade requirement based on google maps.


Company/Organization: Achievers Gymnastics Center


App Idea: Would love an app that help with communication for our over 700 family members.

Announce special events

Class schedules

Directions to the gym – contact info

Link to our website?

program descriptions?

pay a bill?

send a message to….office….a particular staff/coach member

Achievers is active in the Denton community, serving the youth of Denton for over 22 years.

Member of the Chamber

I sit on the Sports commission board of directors we sponsor and donate to many local school events

Member of Denton adopt a school program

Offer a special needs class for the Denton State school


Company/Organization: Solutions of North Texas


App Idea: We are a sober living residence for men and women in Denton. We teach people how to live sober in β€œlife” and how to be independent.

We are not a medical or counseling facility so we do a lot of referral’s to other non profit and work closely with many agencies in Denton County.

My idea for an app would be not only a resource for our facility but a listing/link to other facilities in the Denton County area. This app would not only be a map to our facility and services, but be a tool to help guide people through the non-profit web of services in Denton County.


Company/Organization: Woman to Woman Pregnancy Resource Center


App Idea: Volunteer App

Our non-profit depends upon the faithful service of 150 regular volunteers here in the Denton area. Most serve a 4 hour shift each week or one Saturday a month, either in our resale store (Twice as Nice Resale that supports our programs, or in our Clinic. We also have a group of volunteers that present a fun, interactive sexual health program in local middle and high schools. That program is called Living Choices of North Texas and their volunteer hours are more flexible.

Here’s my vision for the app:

– regular volunteers and occasional volunteers can download the app and keep their information updated and so they can receive updates and push notifications

– provide push notifications and sign-up when a regular volunteer can’t make his/her shift and needs a substitute.

– provide push notifications and instant sign-up when there is an event that needs some service items like food. This would also work when there is an opportunity to pick up furniture or other large items that can be sold at Twice as Nice. A notification could be sent for some he-men to the rescue.

– Volunteer writers could be notified when there is need for a blog post on a particular subject. Photographers/videographers can sign up to cover events

– Give the Living Choices director a way to sign up school presentation volunteers in advance and give him a way to find substitutes in an emergency.

We can focus on the most important functions, but these will hopefully give you an idea of the productivity an app could bring to our non-profit


Company/Organization: Serious Creatures


App Idea: We’ve actually been talking about the possibility of an app for quite some time. We’ve been developing a new line within Serious Creatures called the Imaginarium which features all kinds of creativity/imagination starters for kids. It’s things like partial drawings that a child completes from their imagination (I’d be happy to send examples), and story-starter pages, but will also come with prompts to help parents be involved in the process and give them new ways to talk to their kids about the things they’re creating.

The app would be a digital version of the Imaginarium. Users would be able to bring up Imaginarium images and draw as they’d like. We have ideas for possible extended features, but that’s the gist of it. It’d be unique in the marketplace because it isn’t a coloring book, but an imagination-related app.

The benefit would not be exclusive to Denton, of course. But we’re hoping to help parents encourage work with their kids in imaginative play the way Ready Rosie works with parents toward their kids’ education.


Company/Organization: Bonduris Music Instruction and Production


App Idea: 1.) Musical β€œlick of the day”

2.) β€œbook live music”


Company/Organization: O’Connell Law Firm, PC


App Idea: I am the principal owner/attorney at O’Connell Law Firm PC. The idea that I have is a calendaring app, with some additional functions to help Texas specific family law and divorce lawyers and parents/clients. It could be used during a case and after. My idea is unique- I haven’t seen an app like it- and I’ve looked. I don’t want to give away too many details because I’ve been fine tuning this idea for a long time. And, my idea differs from most family law/divorce calendars because it isn’t to help parents communicate w each other. Functionality involved: camera/video, printing, location.

I have another idea for a tool for a specific need in a divorce, too.



Some fine print:

– Estimated value of development: $5k-$10k (seeΒ http://howmuchtomakeanapp.comΒ for cost estimates)

– Please do not submit ideas for other companies/organizations than your own

– Please keep the concept of the app related to the current business of the company/organization

– Being free app development, please keep the scope somewhat simple and straight-forward

– Development timeline is not set, but development is expected to start w/in 3-4 weeks of selection and duration is expected to be 6-8 weeks.

– Apple requires apps to not be simply marketing, but include some functionality. Brainwash Inc. can not guarantee Apple app approval.

– The app may include functionality using the camera/photo album, address book, maps, location, display websites, initiate phone calls/text/email and/or more – be creative, but realistic.

– The app development does not include server-side development so server interaction will likely be very little if any other than displaying a website.

– To be the property of the company/organization, they will need to create an Apple iOS Developer account which is $99/year. Similarly, other required accounts may be owned by the company/organization.Β Otherwise, the app may be released as a Brainwash Inc. app.

– Additional expenses, if any, (e.g., stock art) will be paid by the company/organization (only if approved by the company/organization).

– Once complete, the company/organization will receive a copy of the source code for maintenance and upgrade purposes (neither the code nor the app is allowed to be re-used or sold unless as part of the company/organization). Brainwash Inc. retains the rights to use the code also for any purposes (e.g. reuse, rebranding, etc. but nothing using the same company/organization’s branding).

– Factors being considered for the app acceptance include, but are not limited to: feasibility, time/cost to develop, perceived benefit to the company and creativity.

– Brainwash Inc. will communicate with the select subset of the submissions to confirm a development concept before final selection. The company/organization is not obligated to release the final completion of the product if not approved.

– Rules may change or contest discontinued at any time for any/no reason w/o notice.

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