NSMergeConflict CoreData Crash in iOS 7

I kept getting an error like this… NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=133020 “The operation couldn’t be completed. (Cocoa error 133020.)” UserInfo=0x1115a6d0 {conflictList=( “NSMergeConflict (0x1115a670) for NSManagedObject   I chased the bug for a while looking at all types of threading issues. In the end, it was just that my background context didn’t have a merge policy set on it… Read more about NSMergeConflict CoreData Crash in iOS 7[…]


I found my popover’s going to iOS 7 didn’t look so great. I searched around and posts were pointing to subclassing the abstract UIPopoverBackgroundView class. I found GIKPopoverBackgroundView and the demo app for it looked good. It was fairly easy to use – Copy GIKPopoverBackgroundView.h/.m into my project Copy the images from the images folder Read more about UIPopoverBackgroundView[…]