Invanko Super Gripper App – Resistance Calculator

gripper calculatorDrew Baye had a great idea for an app to be able to calculate the resistance on an Ivanko Super Gripper. He had the data and I created a simple app: Invanko Super Gripper App

Invanko Super Gripper App




invanko super gripper and app

The calculator allows you to quickly and easily determine the spring configuration required for each level of resistance, and also contains a chart showing the spring configurations that approximate the resistance of every Captains of Crush gripper. It is much easier to read on the iPhone than the PDF chart and if you have an Ivanko Super Gripper and an iPhone or iPad I highly recommend getting this app.

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You simply dial in where each spring is loaded and it tells you the resistance.

invanko super gripper app


Or dial in the resistance that you want and it will tell you where to load the springs.